This is me Pamela 🙂 Welcome to my little adventure which started up casually by having fun baking and canning for us and enjoying the goodies. I grew up in Venice (Italy) where food is the best really and miss it every day. I enjoy entertaining and having dinner evenings with friends and family: I kind of had to learn and experiment a lot with my cooking: always an evolving process. I also grew up going picking fruit at the “pick your own farms” in England where I used to stuff my face with all those seasonal fruits and then enjoy the products my Nana used to make. I have now been living in Canada a few years and discovered those amazing farms in the lower mainland which bring me back to my childhood and love spending hours picking but, now, when I go home, I am the one baking. I have discovered the joy of making jams and keeping us stocked up through the winter. As usual you end up having too much so I was giving lots away to friends to try out who then said why don’t you sell it?