Xmas Fair – November 2016

Here I am the day after my very first little Xmas fair held at Holy Cross School Gym in Burnaby. I was not sure what to expect, it was a mix motion of excitement and apprehension leading up to it.  After I enrolled I realized what I had done and then thought: “Oh my, how on earth will I be able to pull it off?”. Luckily a good friend of mine stepped in and offered to help with all the set up as it is something she really enjoys and look at the amazing table we came up with!

The day was pretty busy, lots of sampling with home made bread, a nice gift basket to give away, lots of biscuits for treats and as it turns out people loved them so much I was asked to sell them……quite unexpected so figuring it all out on selling batches for Xmas now. The jams were successful in selling but still plenty of stock for sale, so now that Xmas is fast approaching I can create a great gift :).

Now that I have got my first fair under my belt, I feel pretty happy that I can apply early in 2017 for many other Xmas Fairs in the area and let the Vintage teapot get out there…… Today is a day of rest and savour my little success of my amazing table.

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